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OPTAC-X: The New Standard in Remote  Communications

"The Future of Global Telehealth and Remote Assistance"

Let Our Team Take Your Communications to Higher Ground

OPTAC-X delivers new standards for reliability, access and hardened resilience for Telemedicine and Remote Assistance with our remote physician and tele-expert networks.

Global Remote Telehealth

OPTAC-X multiplexes our physicians network to ensure availability to expertise and load balances patient care demands from distributed regions across the OPTAC-X network.

Resilient 5g and Satellite Communication Architecture

OPTAC-X provides a worldwide, resilient, high-speed, digital network (VSAT, Gen 4 & 5 LTE and terrestrial IP) to ensure that telemedicine and tele-experts are always connected to the teams they support. 

Global Remote Tele-Expert

Provides both access resilience for tele-experts to provide remote expertise and platform network resilience to support remote teams access to the OPTAC-X network.

Global Physician and Expert Network

As the exclusive telehealth partner of Kymeta, the OPTAC-X

world class physician and remote expert networks are supported by OPTAC-X cloud-deployed operational  software that can be accessed by remote support teams anywhere around the globe. 

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

OPTAC-X combines world class expertise in the medical field, as well as many other fields, with next generation technologies, an integrated network, and cloud peripheral systems architecture. It leverages these to deliver a new standard for distributed telemedicine and remote assistance expertise on a global scale. OPTAC-X world class physician and expert networks are supported by cloud deployed operational software that can be accessed by remote teams on land, air, or sea delivering impeccable reliability that is unmatched.

OPTAC-X provides a worldwide resilient high speed digital network (VSAT, Gen 4 LTE and terrestrial IP) with automated variable network-controlled bandwidths to insure low latency and no packet loss with unprecedented velocity.


OPTAC-X also provides state of the art, low cost, hardened mobile peripherals, assisted reality heads up displays (HUD), and network access devices meeting military deployment standards. The OPTAC-X network, products and services supports a wide range of critical need applications including military operations, emergency/disaster response, rural populations, remote medical care, automotive, nuclear, space, and oil & gas industries, to name a few. OPTAC-X Global Remote Assistance -- available anywhere, anytime.

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Communications?

OPTAC-X offers what no other service provider can - a complete remote communication solution for medical professionals and experts that has been tested by U.S. Special Operation Forces deployed in remote and challenging conditions around the globe. OPTAC-X overcomes poor infrastructure performance, reliability, and access issues with our exclusive global telecommunication LTE and SATCOM architecture. We provide access to our global network of world-class physicians and experts anywhere, anytime. 


When resiliency, dependability and remote communication are needed, OPTAC-X is the only telehealth and tele-expert team that can provide reliable audio-visual communication on the move (COTM) and communication on the pause (COTP) anywhere around the globe partnered with Kymeta.




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