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Dive Into the New Age of Assisted Reality and Global LTE/SATCOM Telecommunications

Our Services

Global Remote Telehealth

OPTAC-X multiplexes our physicians' network to ensure availability to expertise and load balances patient care demands from distributed regions across the OPTAC-X network.

Global Remote Tele-Expert

Provides both access resilience for tele-experts to provide remote expertise and platform network resilience to support remote teams access to the OPTAC-X network.

Resilient 5g and Satellite Communication Architecture

OPTAC-X provides a worldwide resilient high speed digital network (VSAT, Gen 4 & 5 LTE and terrestrial IP) to ensure that telemedicine and tele-experts are always connected to the teams they support. 

Global Physician and Expert Network

As the exclusive telehealth partner of Kymeta, the OPTAC-X

world class physician and remote expert networks are supported by OPTAC-X cloud-deployed operational  software that can be accessed by remote support teams anywhere around the globe. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

OPTAC-X can integrate into your existing network and ecosystem with our customizable telecommunication solution at the enterprise or global level at a fraction of the cost of customary capital expenditure ventures or projects. OPTAC-X is committed to providing a complete telehealth or tele-expert solution so your company can save money and time either saving lives or providing instantaneous remote expert assistance. 

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