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Technology Trends That Will Dominate This Year In 8 Industries

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Assisted Reality using LTE and SATCOMS in Telehealth and for Remote Experts Will Dominate in the Healthcare, Emergency Management, Public Safety, Automotive, Aerospace, Nuclear, Space, and Oil and Gas industries.

As a physician and leader in population health management, one of the biggest problems we face is patients having access to quality healthcare globally. This is a growing trend because remoteness and geographical location limits patients to receiving great care. This problem is not unique to the healthcare services industry but to other critical industries as well like emergency management systems, public safety, automotive, nuclear, space, and oil and gas industries. All these things have one thing in common. Most lack a stable resilient telecommunication network architecture to communicate with experts from a far. This is where a reliant stable global Wi-Fi network comes in. Using both LTE and satellite communications, this problem is solved and thus eliminates unnecessary costs associated with providing services in these industries. When teams are communicating effectively, historically, this has produced more productivity and reduced costs in any industry. In healthcare, it is lifesaving!

“Assisted Reality with stable connectivity enhances the physical exam which leads to a more accurate telemedicine diagnosis and quality treatment plan. This can be used in other areas as well when you need a remote expert on site to provide the expertise no matter where you are at." Dr. Patrick J. Fullerton, CEO, OPTAC-X

Assisted Reality and LTE/SATCOMS Will Disrupt Industries

As a Harvard Trained Physician Executive, I have had the privilege of impacting many lives using technology with roles that I have been in during my career. Impact. It is a word that most companies will not achieve in their industry but some forward thinkers are able to achieve it. I personally see no other way of providing global impact in the industries that I mentioned previously than by providing superior LTE and satellite telecommunications in the post COVID-19 era. What was underutilized in the past has become mainstream in all these industries and especially in healthcare. Still, many areas in the world lack basic internet and are cut off from the outside world. Think about how impactful you could become if you could solve their problems with better communications in their lives and for the companies that provide services for them. OPTAC-X was created for this purpose and provides critical telehealth and telecommunications to these critical industries serving these populations. OPTAC-X mission is to provide not only the global infrastructure to communicate, but to provide the physician and remote experts in these specific industries to communicate with the people they serve. Impact, it is one of our core values and why we do what we do at OPTAC-X.

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